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Some of my customers find unrefined shea butter stiff, sticky, or difficult to apply. Others di bit care for the natural nutty smell of the unrefined nut butter, but don’t want to purchase the refined shea  because d of its most effective nutrients in the refining process shea because of the loss of its most effective nutrients in the refining process.  Well good news! Peaches N Cream Whipped Shea Butter is used with unrefined shea butter and enriched with jojoba, black seed, avocado, and coconut oils, vitamin E.  It spreads easily, melts I readily, and is appropriate for use on hair, skin, face, baby, and just the whole family!  It is available for unscented for facial use or for those with sensitive skin.  This is different from our whipped Pudding, which is a cream blend of oils & butters mixed with aloe Vera and spring water.  Whipped shea butter is weather sensitive: in the summer months, melting can occur en route of extremely hot which can result in apparent loss of product as the whipped butter melts and loses its tiny, frothy, whipped air pockets If you live in a very hot place, or if your package is likely to sit waiting for your outdoors, please consider purchasing I the winter time instead.

Chunky White Shea Butter

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