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Peaches N Cream Natural Soaps Creamy Collection Smooth Butters offers clean, exquisite fragrances that are pleasing to the senses while providing skin hydration without oily, sticky, greasy residue.  Enjoy all-day moisture that glides onto your skin!


Presenting our very first edition of the Shea Butter Souffle Collection. It has a scent that identifies the woman who stays true to herself.  She has the capacity to motivate, inspire and call others to action. It’s rooted in her personality.  


She stands up for what she believes in and live by her values.  She is confident, compassionate, loyal, intuitive, strong and caring.  She’s always giving of goods and time to others for a worthy cause or mission.  


Her challenge is her very own advantage to achieve and overcome.  She is honest, friendly, graceful and lets nothing move her out of her character. 


She’s “THAT WOMAN.”  She is..... “Priscilla Rene.”   Her fragrance is a delicate blend of orange blossoms with citrus notes that trickles down to a soft and powdery musk finish. It’s a must have so, Go ahead OWN IT!  This Shea Butter Souffle says all of that!  Try it and you’ll never forget how it made you feel!

Priscilla Rene Shea Butter Souffle
Priscilla Renee
caramel macchiato
Banana Cream
Mocha Frappe
Banana Cream Shea Butter Souffle
banana cream Shea Butter Souffle
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