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Yup, I actually make the true, old fashioned lye soap like Great Grandma, made with lard, lye, water and "nutin" else. My customers have taught me well - there's nothing quite like this homemade lye soap recipe for the benefits of dandruff, headlice, poison ivy, poison oak, the soothing of insect bites, taking tough stains out of clothes, especially salvaging antique linens. 


Lard provides moistuizing benefits.  This oil helps to keep the mosisture locked in the skin when the soap is used for bathing.  Lard is rich in vitamin A. vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids.  It gives us that healthy glowing skin.


The variance in color is a result of the natural materials it's made from. It's not something that I can control, nor do I try to. This soap will be a soft beige in color and other times white and powdery. 


Great Grandma Effie Loaf Lye Soap

$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • This item is made once purchased. It takes 6 weeks to cure, after it cures the loaf will be cut into 10 individual soaps, but wrapped as one unit. It will come with one label. Once ordered you cannot cancel.  The product will be in processing phase.

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