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Hello Beautiful!  What have you done for your skin care today?

Here, we offer products that make a difference on your skin.

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Dasheen Howard

I used the oatmeal soap and I have never felt this refreshed in years !! A very clean and smooth feel to my skin leaving it soft.

Lindsey Blount

I use all of the male soaps. I especially like Bob Marley soap. It smells great and give you lots of lather in the shower.  It had a great manly look.  I recommend it for guys even boys. Bay Rum body scrub is also great.  It really make your body feel great when u use it u don't have to use lotion.  It takes the place of lotion because it have shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil in it. 

Eleanor Howard

I have truly enjoyed using my Michelle Obama’s body cream and Lavender soap. I can't forget my Lye soap.

Patricia Pate

Love all of the peachesncream natural  soaps and have tried so many..The soaps hydrate and just wonderful for my highly sensitive skin. I give these for gifts and everybody loves the soaps I give and always ask for more.


I use the Shea/Coconut soap, due to a rare skin disorder called purigo nodularis...until I used this soap, I was miserable on a daily basis and itching was intense all the time. After Mrs. Deborah let me try this soap, I started to feel relief and see improvement in my skin

CEO Deborah Howard-Blount

My Story

Peaches N Cream Natural Soaps is a family owned business located in Greenville, North Carolina.  I started this business for one reason; I needed to help my grandson with a severe eczema skin condition that he had.  I learned from my mother that Old fashioned Lye soap would help his skin condition and do much more, so my mother gave me my Great Grandma Effie's recipe from the 1920's:  Lye soap was made!   After the curing process, I tried it.  To my surprise it helped his eczema.   I, then, made several batches and gave them away as samples  and people were saying that it made a positive difference in their skin.  My mother helped me perfect Great Grandma Effie's recipe and I was on my way.   Since then I have added on several types of soaps like Papa's  Pine Tar, Tallow, and Tea Tree to name a few.  We also carry Vegan, and Goats Milk soaps.


We use the finest food and organic grade oils, butters, honey, natural clay, botanical, essential oils and fragrances.  Our soaps are made with food grade lye.  The oil and lye goes through the process of saponification (the making of soap).  After curing, there is NO LYE present in the soap. What we are left with is a luxurious bar of soap.


All of our soaps are handmade from scratch using Melt and Pour, Cold Process, and Hot Process methods.   We are committed to producing all natural products from the best ingredients we can find, in hope that our soaps will help with skin problems you may have.  Our soaps are good for eczema, dry skin, acne, dandruff, Psoriasis, Poison Ivy, and Poison Oak.  We have the best soaps, Shea mixes, body oils, face, shaving, and hair products, or so our customers tell us.


We are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and quality products.  We strive to share with you the difference real soap and skin products can make on the condition of your skin.  Being hand-made, the soaps will vary in texture, color and appearance between batches.  No two will be exactly the same.  I believe this is part of the appeal of using and enjoying hand-made soap.  Our soaps are not cures, but can relieve and help symptoms.


With much research and more education I discovered the following things:


  • That the soaps you find on the shelves in stores are detergent bars.

  • Most cleansers, detergents, and synthetic fragrances have an effect on our skin, destroying the elasticity, preventing collagen production, and promoting wrinkles.

  • Damaging skin's natural beauty and radiance while drying out the skin to excess.

  • We will share with you the difference real soap can make on your skin and it's natural beauty.

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